The GX™ series have become the new workhorse & standard in perfectly engineered anchoring systems at the right price. Featuring all Australian Made 316 stainless and machined & anodized 6061 T-6 aluminium construction, “Real Italian” transmissions, triple sealed bearings, twin shaft bearing systems, machined slimline ‘fast change’ collars, & an all new emergency release as standard on all models. Motors are once again custom manufactured exclusively for LSM and are pre-rigged with twin leads for easy installation. From the company with so many Worlds First under its belt, we are proud to have created the first anchor winch motor with an IP68 rating (AS/NZS 60529). This silicon free, glue free, paint free design has been achieved utilizing the latest modern manufacturing techniques, right here in AU. Most importantly, GX Series winches are made to get wet! From small recreational boats to Commercial Vessels over 60ft, there is a GX Series winch just right for your boat and application. All backed by our famous 5 + Life Warranty.

Performance, reliability & raw power in a compact frame design, the GX3 is the answer for large capacity trailer boat & commercial fishermen. Thanks to the well oversized gearing and motor this unit can easily be fitted to boats to 9m for saltwater use and much larger for freshwater applications.

  • Huge 1500W Motor (250W Power Uppgrade!)
  • Perfect for wet wells and deck mounts
  • Boats to 9m
  • Fast Drop/Retrieval Rating
  • Sealed Motor and Gearbox
  • Manufactured in Australia

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Even more capacity in the same footprint. The GX3 features an oversized 1500W motor (250w power upgrade!) on a slightly wider 300mm frame for more capacity. Despite the wider frame the overall width is the same as its predecessor thanks to the slimline fast-change bearing collar design. Each GX series winch features custom engineered drive components to deliver a faster speed with an amazing amount of grunt. No bushes, split pins, actuators, springs, clutches, or additional circuitry to fail. Nothing extra to buy. Just fast, reliable anchoring.Ideal for boats to 9m

Every Lone Star Marine Drum Winch Includes a 5 + Life Warranty

  • 1500W Purpose Built Permanent Magnet Motor, 4 Brush Design
  • IP68 (Fully Waterproof)
  • Machined Solid 25mm 316SS Spool Shaft
  • High Polished 6mm 316SS Plate Construction Throughout
  • Twin Shaft Bearing Design, Triple Sealed (LSM Exclusive)
  • Machined Roller Bearing Cover (triple sealed)
  • No Paint or Silicon Sealants
  • No Mild steel outputs or fittings
  • Fully Waterproof Machined Motor (LSM Exclusive)
  • Prerigged with tinned cable leads
  • Machined (not cast) Fastchange Bearing Collar
  • Perfect for Deck Mounting
  • Capacity 130m of 8mm Rope + 10m x 8mm chain or
  • 95m x 10mm rope plus 10m x 8mm chain
  • Drop/Retrieve up to 156Ft (46m) per minute
  • 12 Adjustable Gear/Motor Mounting Positions
  • Manual Release Feature in the event of power loss
  • 3500kg Holding Power at Anchor-No need to tie off
  • Huge 1500kg Max Pull (empty drum)
  • 110kg max recommended working load
  • All 316SS and Machined 6160 Alloy Construction
  • Rounded Style Transmissions for easier fitting-100% Made in Italy
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia

Each Kit Includes the Following as Standard

  • Winch
  • 6mm Base Plate
  • 400 Amp Solenoid
  • Genuine MP Marine Grade Circuit Breaker (made in the USA)
  • Anodized Alloy Toggle Switch Panel
  • All Nuts, Bolts, & Washers Needed for Installation
  • Warranty Information, Switch Panel Template, Installation Instructions

    Better Motors by Design

    Better Motors by Design

Model Spec Max Drop-Retrieval Speed Holding at Anchor Rope/Chain Capacity Recc. Boat Size Packaged Weight (Appr.)
GX1 200mm Drum 24mm Solid Shaft 88mm Gearset 600W Motor 39m/126 ft. p/m 3T 60m x 6mm rope + 5m topshot, 7m x 6mm SL Chain 4-6m 17kg
GX2 250mm Drum 26mm Solid Shaft 88mm Gearset 1000W Motor 46m/156 ft. p/m 3T 90m x 8mm rope 7m x 8mm SL Chain 5-8m 22kg
GX3 300mm Drum 30mm Solid Shaft 98mm Gearset 1500W Motor 46m/156 ft. p/m 3.6T 130m x 8mm rope 10m x 8mm SL Chain 6-9m 32kg
GX4 350mm Drum 37mm Solid Shaft 126mm Gearset 1500W Motor 46m/156 ft. p/m 5.2T 120m x 10mm rope 12m x 8mm SL Chain 8-12m+ 44kg
GX5 Charter King 420mm Drum 37mm Solid Shaft 150mm Gearset 2000W Motor (12v) 2500W Motor (24V) 40m/129ft. p/m 7T 140 m x 12mm rope, 12m x 10mm SL Chain 10-15m+ 60kg
GX6 Jumbo 550mm Drum 55mm Solid Shaft 220mm Gearset 3250W Motor (24v only) 50m/170ft p/m 11T 150m x 20mm Rope 13m x 13mm SL Chain 15-20m+ 130kg


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