Elite Series

Elite Series by LSM. Simply the strongest, most durable Drum Style anchoring systems ever made and created for high volume Commercial Fishermen. The Elite Series boast two brand new features on any anchor winch. Brushless motor technology, and CNC’d billet aluminium transmissions (Elite2-5). These winches were designed to work hard, day after day and are right at home on a wave swept foredeck. The Elite Series has up to 47% more sustained torque & up to 33% more peak torque per stated motor output. Simply put, the ratings for the larger motors are off the charts for drum anchor winch applications. Elite units feature a soft start/stop system & are suited to the longest duty cycles for continuous use in deep drop situations. If you are a commercial operator who depends on anchoring in deep water for a living or simply want the pinnacle in drum style anchoring systems, the Elite series is for you.
✔Brushless Technology
✔Variable Speed from the Helm
✔Massive Pulling Power
✔Superior Corrosion Resistance
✔Long Duty Cycle
✔ Machined Billet Gearbox (elite 2-5)
✔High Volume Commercial Quality
✔ Low power draw under no load

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Model Spec Max Drop-Retrieval Speed Holding at Anchor Rope/Chain Capacity Recc. Boat Size Packaged Weight (Appr.)
Elite2 250mm Drum 26mm Solid Shaft 88mm Gearset 1500W Output Brushless Motor 55m/180 ft. p/m 3T 90m x 8mm rope 7m x 8mm SL Chain 5-8m 22kg
Elite3 300mm Drum 30mm Solid Shaft 98mm Gearset 1500W Output Brushless Motor 60m/196 ft. p/m 3.6T 130m x 8mm rope 10m x 8mm SL Chain 6-9m 32kg
Elite4 350mm Drum 37mm Solid Shaft 126mm Gearset 2500W Output Brushless Motor (12V)3000W Output Brushless Motor (24V) 65m/213 ft. p/m 5.2T 120m x 10mm rope 12m x 8mm SL Chain 8-12m+ 44kg
Elite5 Charter King 420mm Drum 37mm Solid Shaft 150mm Gearset 2500W Output Brushless Motor (12v)3000W Output Brushless Motor (24V) 65m/213ft. p/m 7T 125 m x 12mm rope 12m x 10mm SL Chain 10-15m+ 60kg
Elite6 Jumbo 550mm Drum 55mm Solid Shaft 220mm Gearset 4500W Output Brushless Motor (24v) *Standard Cast Gearbox 75m/246ft p/m 11T 150m x 20mm Rope 13m x 13mm SL Chain 15-20m+ 125kg
Elite7 Beast 750mm Drum 65mm Solid Shaft Two stage reduction gearbox 4500w Output Brushless Motor 70m/229ftp/m 11T 150 x 25mm Rope 15m x 13mm SL Chain 20m+ 170kg



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